What is a SAR?

A SAR is a Suspicious Activity Report. It is the sharing of information concerning activity, incident, or behavior that the reporting individual considers to be outside of normal parameters.

What should be reported?

Any activity, incident, or behavior that the reporting individual feels could be a threat, risk, or concern to the public’s safety and is not to be limited to known criminal activity.

SAR Training

Nationwide SAR Initiative

How is a SAR handled by the West Virginia ​Fusion Center?

The WVI/FC will review all reports and forward the SAR to the appropriate agency to include but not limited to: local, state, and/or federal; law enforcement and public safety.

Do you have to identify yourself?

NO. You do not have to identify yourself. If the reporting individual provides a method of contact it will allow the agency reviewing the report to contact them if there are additional questions.

How do I submit a SAR?

Below is a link to complete and submit a SAR. As much information as possible is preferred, but do not hesitate sending a SAR due to missing information.

What to do if you have additional information to a previous SAR?

In the narrative of the SAR report, reference your previous SAR in any way that you can recall. Some examples are: date of original SAR, activity, and location.

Click Here to Fill Out a Suspicious Activity Report​​